Mornington Peninsula


Through the building up of repetitive tiny detail and a colour palette that fuses natural formations, Mornington Peninsula captures and harnesses some of the extreme energy, movement and ferocity of the elements that form the unique Australian coast. Juxtaposed with a sense of peace and tranquillity, I invite the viewer to examine this pristine beach from an aerial perspective. From above, we observe in quiet contemplation, absorb the beauty of our everchanging landscape and take the time to reflect on the world around us.

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Spirit Warrior


Sacred birthing trees are so much more than just a tree, they are a living entity with historical, cultural and spiritual value and meaning.


Birthing trees were hollowed out over time, starting when they were only 10 or 20 years old. Indigenous men would wait outside while the women and their mothers would go in to deliver the baby. This hollowed out nursery provided necessary privacy and shelter.

So much more than just a tree.


Represented through the overlapping, directional fine lines within my painting, I aim to show an interconnectedness with the strength, beauty and storyline’s which the birthing tree has left behind as she continues making connections to country in her spiritual shadow.

So much more than just a tree.