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I love the challenge of creating a piece of art for someone and igniting their memories and capturing a moment in time. 

It brings me so much joy seeing the clients reaction when I show them their final artwork and they recall the emotions that are embedded in the location that I have painted. Some are of places where they have baptised their children in an ocean pool, others are the site of where the couple got married, or a family holiday that holds so many memorable moments.


It becomes more than just a painting. It's about joy, love, connections and a sense of belonging.

Point Cartwright Headland.jpg

Point Cartwright, QLD.
594 x 841mm
Brush and ink on canvas.


Burrell Lake Inlet, Dolphin Point NSW.
600 x 750mm
Brush and ink on canvas.


Narooma Glasshouse Rocks, NSW
1400 x 1900mm
Brush and ink on canvas.


Port Lincoln, SA
1300 x 1700mm
Brush and ink on canvas.

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