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Simone Read

Represented artist at Traffic Jam Gallery and Bilingarra Indigenous art & culture

Australian Aerial View Landscape Painter

The numbers 11 and 13 are the most prominent numbers that surround me and my family; and it's by pure coincidence that significant happenings occur on these dates. My husband and I got engaged on the 13th and married on the 11th. Both of our boys were born on the 11th and 13th, and many more. These numbers make me happy. Simple as that. They remind me of the beautiful life I have with the most beautiful people in it. For this reason, I sign all my works S.Read 1113. 

Artist Practice

An intense richness of colour, and intricate detail of the vast Australian landscape, is the body of work in which I invite an audience to explore. The aerial view perspective suggests a whimsical journey of exploration, calmness and tranquillity, intuitively created out of my distinctive visualisations that reflect my love for our ever-changing environment.

Highly influenced by Australian artist John Olsen and the deep engagement he has with the landscape, my intention is also to abstract the view from places I have been, endeavour to explore or to translate for somebody else.

​The combination of inks, gouache and rock salts are intriguingly used in a free and uncontrolled way; an organic connection to the natural space that I am painting."

Enjoy the view.


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