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'Old Eucalyptus Gum: ​Diam Meum'

Diam Meum (Latin; my backyard) is a close study of an old eucalypt found amongst many beautiful trees occupying my backyard. There is something uniquely exceptional about their textured surfaces inviting us to explore the layers of meaning, the stories it could tell, the lives it nurtures and protects. They stand so proud, so tall and so strong, qualities of a resilient Australian. During these past 18 months of challenging times, I have gratefully cherished nature as a healing tool for complete mindfulness, reflecting on the little things that mean the most, and through all this, the place I adore the most, is my home among the gum trees.

Brush and ink on customer made canvas.
Size: 760mm x 1010mm


SOLD @ Bilingarra - Indigenous Art and Culture, Leura NSW.

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