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14897 Simone Read Snow Gum_FF_594x841 print_web.jpg

Perisher Snow Gum - Silvery Light


I was given a photograph from a friends’ family holiday in the Snowy Mountains, and I loved that she thought of me when taking this stunning shot of a snow gum in its finest form.


She was fortunate to have this close encounter but as I studied the photograph, I had a sense that I was there viewing the snow gum in all its glory. What intrigued me most were the tones of the gum tree set in winter, silvery light reflecting on the tree which highlighted the earthy red tones, and how it made a shimmering light on the snow. 


The overall effect I wanted to capture was its balance of fragility and the strength of in recognition the significance of these trees in the Snowy Mountains of Australia. 


Brush and ink on custom made canvas.


Size: 610mm x 840mm



SOLD @ Bilingarra - Indigenous Art and Culture, Leura NSW.

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