Simone Read's original painting ‘Australian Scribbly Gum’ has been beautifully reproduced on high quality deck chairs and are a Limited Edition of 20. 


The deck chairs are sold as a pair (not sold separately).


The restricted, smaller number of deck chairs are numbered by the artist making them original, adding to their authenticity and value in the art print market.


Production turnaround times vary but are generally 7-10 days from placing your order.



  • Double sided digital print
  • Printed on heavy duty polyester
  • Weight capacity 100kgs
  • Eucalyptus Hardwood Frame
  • Australian Made


The digitally printed slings are produced with incredible image reproduction, however, like most UV exposed furniture, fading can occur. We recommend they are stored indoors when not in use.

Pair of Limited Edition Deck Chairs

SKU: 13799