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14898 Simone Read Scribbly Gum II_FF_594x841 print_web.jpg

Scribbly Gum II - Secret Messages

The scribbly dialect, which tracks around in a seemingly unsystematic and scrawled pattern, is one of my most adored Eucalyptus trees. I am fascinated how the scribbly gum moths have been writing the story of their lives on our gum trees for epochs, but the cause of the scribbles has always been a mystery. The mysterious scribbly gum moth takes its culinary expedition beneath the bark that sheds in the following year to reveal to us these secret messages. The scribbles are old and dry with no sign of their creator, no graffiti tag to identify the artist; a life I could not read. 

Brush and ink on custom made canvas.

Size: 610mm x 840mm


SOLD @ Bilingarra - Indigenous Art and Culture, Leura NSW.

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